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Archive for April, 2011

Christmas in April: American National Red Cross Christmas Seals

Starting in 1907, the American National Red Cross (ANRC) began selling Christmas Seals in an effort to raise money to combat tuberculosis. The seals resembled postage stamps, and could be collected or used on holiday correspondence. The first year of sales, 1907, only generated $3,000 towards tuberculosis. However, successive years earned in the millions! A […]

Little Poland en la hacienda

  From 1943 to 1946, Colonia Santa Rosa in Guanajuato, Mexico was the site of a US-government sponsored home for Polish refugees. About 240 miles northwest of Mexico City and “10 minutes’ ride by mule-drawn tram from the Leon railway station,” the hacienda included a 39-room ranch house, a flour mill, ten wheat storage warehouses, […]

The Navy Deck Logs: Personal Connection

Today’s post is written by student technician Robert Finch. While working on the Navy Deck Logs (RG 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel) project I called my uncle and asked him which ships his father-in-law, “Mr. W.”, served on during World War II. “Mr. W.” was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 […]

A Life and Taxes

This post looks at an unusual find in the Secretary of the Commission of Fine Arts’ papers.

Foreign Service Friday! The Official-Informal Letter

Today’s post is written by archivist David Langbart, who works primarily with diplomatic records. Researchers who use Department of State records may be interested to know a bit more about the types of documents used by Foreign Service Posts to communicate with the Department of State.  This is the fifth, and final, in a series […]