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Archive for 'Programming'

Summer 2014 Interns at the National Archives at College Park

Today’s post was written by Dr. Tina Ligon, Archivist at the National Archives at College Park, MD. This summer, the National Archives at College Park brought in nine interns from across the country to learn about the archival profession. The interns had the opportunity to assist in customer service and with several current processing projects, under […]

The War of 1812: Privateers, Plunder, & Profiteering

Today’s post is written by archivist Shane Bell of the National Archives at Atlanta. The so-called golden age of piracy ended in the early 18th century, decades before the first shot of the American Revolution.  During what is often referred to as the Second War for Independence, however, the last significant era of this practice, legally […]

13 Rue Madeleine and the National Archives

Today’s post is written by Dr. Greg Bradsher. Elizabeth Hamer, the chief of the National Archives Exhibits and Publications staff, maintained a very detailed daily diary of everything she and her staff did between 1946 and 1951. While conducting research for an article on the 1946 accessioning and exhibiting of Adolf Hitler’s Last Will and […]