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Archive for 'Researchers'

International Reaction

Today’s post is written by Onaona Guay, a processing archivist in College Park. The American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program received many gifts of compassion and sympathy from people around the world: cards from Australia, letters from Romania and Indonesia, drawings from Belize, postcards from Hong Kong.  Students, faculty and staff of Ecole Routhier […]

10 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

The most asked question this weekend will be “where were you?”  I was living in Massachusetts and on my way to the doctor.  The news on the radio said that something, probably a small plane, had hit the World Trade Center.  By the time my appointment was over all hell had broken loose.  The odd […]

Happy 50th, Peace Corps!

Today’s post is written by Erin Townsend, an archivist based out of Archives II who helps coordinate our digitization projects.   This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Peace Corps.  Numerous events and activities have already taken place to commemorate this milestone, including programs at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival, 50th […]

The U.S. Marshal Service and The Supreme Court

This post was written by Katie Beaver, a student intern working with civilian records.  It is a follow-up to A few good lawmen and is based on documentation found in  ”Appointment Files for Judicial Districts, 1853-1905.” The American South was a particularly tumultuous area after the Civil War and during the occupation of the U.S. Army. Slaves became […]

Deputy Marshal v. Deputy Marshal

This post was written by Katy Berube, a student intern working in civilian processing.  It is a follow-up to the post A few good lawmen.  Documentation for this post can be found in the series “Appointment Files for Judicial Districts, 1853-1905.” As guns unloaded into British subject and cattle investor, John H. Tunstall, in the […]