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Tag: American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas

Efforts by Ernst Posner and the National Archives to Protect European Archives during World War II

Today’s post is written by Dr. Greg Bradsher. The National Archives began to think, after the invasion of North Africa in World War II, of the practical importance of records in connection with the government of conquered territory.  Archivist of the United States Solon J. Buck and senior National Archives official Oliver W. Holmes took […]

Hometown Hero: Walter Kirtland Hancock, St. Louis’s Monuments Man

Today’s post comes to us from archivist Theresa Fitzgerald of the National Archives at St. Louis. Theresa has previously shared her expertise with us in a popular post on how to access veterans’ records and today she applies that knowledge to another topic we love, the Monuments Men.   The recently released film, The Monuments Men, has garnered […]

Walter J. Huchthausen: A Monuments Man Killed in Action

This is the second in a series of posts about real-life Monuments Men by Dr. Greg Bradsher. See also his post on Sir Charles Leonard Woolley. The forthcoming movie The Monuments Men has focused great attention on the Monuments Men (and women) and their work during and after World War II.  Of course the movie cannot tell the […]