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Know Your Records: U.S. Navy Muster Rolls and Personnel Diaries

The Know Your Records series aims to inform our readers of the types of records in our holdings, the information found in those record types, and the process by which researchers can request/get access to these records. Know Your Records: U.S. Navy Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries U.S. Navy muster rolls and personnel diaries are among the […]

The “Re-Encarnacion” of NARA’s Records

Today’s post is written by Monique Politowski, an archives technician who works on the NARA/Ancestry digitization partnership project in Silver Spring, Maryland. Millions of records have been converted to digital form since the partnership between NARA and began in 2008, and some of the most popular records digitized as a result of this union […]

Consumption Comes Back

Today’s post is written by archives technician Ingi House. Going through records, sometimes it’s a surprise what you can find right off the bat:  a cool name, a weird event, or even an interesting story.  But what lies underneath the obvious is sometimes even better.  All you need is a spark to start your mind turning […]

NARA and The Digitization Partnership Project, an introduction

Today’s post is written by archives technician Kate Sohasky. What exactly is it that you do? This is the question I was repeatedly met with during my first weeks of training at the National Archives.  This is the question I continue to be met with when I speak with other NARA employees.  Allow me to introduce us […]