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Tag: donated materials

Plumage of Pomp: The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

The past Saturday, I was visiting the Florida Keys and took a bike tour of parts of Islamorada, a village which spans several islands. The meeting place for the tour was a memorial to the victims of the 1935 Labor Day hurricane located near mile marker 82 of U.S. Route 1. Our guide was very knowledgeable […]

Donated Records: A Worthwhile Adventure

Today’s post is written by Kimberly Kronwall. My grandfather was an avid pilot and builder of airplanes.  As a child, I remember walking into his garage to check on the progress of his latest Taylorcraft aircraft.  Other than this limited exposure to airplanes (and the commercial flights I frequent) I am not by any means […]

Thanksgiving in Rome, 1944

During World War II, the American National Red Cross (ANRC) provided many services to enlisted men serving abroad in Europe and elsewhere. Importantly, they set up clubs for enlisted men to enjoy for recreational purposes in order to take a break from their wartime duties. One of these clubs was in Rome. In 1944, the […]


Today’s post is written by Onaona Guay, a processing archivist in College Park. Banners and flags comprise a good portion of the September 11 Recovery Program records.  Some are handmade and some are signed.  One particular United States flag was recovered from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City after the horrific bombing on […]

September 11 Through the Eyes of Children

Today’s post is written by Onaona Guay, a processing archivist in College Park. For those of us who lived through September 11, 2001, we will always remember where we were when our nation came under attack. 9:50 am.  I was just returning to our off-campus house from my first class of the day when my […]