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Tag: RG 24

Searching for a Shellback Ceremony in the Navy Deck Logs

Today’s post is written by Archives II volunteer Jan Hodges. Do you know what a shellback ceremony is? Chances are that unless you’re a Navy man or a relative, you probably don’t. It’s a ritual conducted aboard ship after it crosses the equator. And not just any old ceremony–one that becomes part of the sailor’s permanent record. The Reference Unit […]

The Navy Deck Logs: Personal Experience

Today’s post is written by Anwar Thomas, an archives technician at Archives II. Processing and consolidating the Navy Deck Logs in RG 24 Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel was an interesting project in my large criteria of archival experience.  These logs are filled with many interesting hidden facts and details concerning important events […]

The Navy Deck Logs: Personal Connection

Today’s post is written by student technician Robert Finch. While working on the Navy Deck Logs (RG 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel) project I called my uncle and asked him which ships his father-in-law, “Mr. W.”, served on during World War II. “Mr. W.” was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 […]

The Navy Deck Logs

I have been with NARA for a year as a student and since I started, I have been working on the team that has been processing and consolidating the Navy deck logs in RG 24, Records of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, or as we call it, “the deck log project.”  I helped process, re-folder, […]

If I Was in Charge…

We want to hear from our researchers!  Here’s your chance to tell us what record groups you would like to see us working on…if you were in charge! In the last few years, the archivists working in the Textual Archives Services Division at Archives II  have been involved in several large-scale processing projects.  Archivists working with […]