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Tag: U.S. Navy

From College Park to Edinburgh: 30 Days with the National Collection of Aerial Photography

Today’s post is written by Tom McAnear, a processing archivist in College Park. Tom is participating in the Archival Development Program, an in-house multi-year training course for all of NARA’s archivists. As part of my Archival Development Program (ADP) training I recently completed a 30-day rotation in June at the National Collection of Aerial Photography […]

Old Glory and the Representation of U.S. Territories

Our guest blogger today is Allison Walsh, an Archives Technician at Archives I who works with Navy / Maritime records.  She is proud to display the Stars and Stripes every Flag Day, which also happens to be her birthday. The Star Spangled Banner as we know it today, with fifty stars shining on a field of […]

Navy / Maritime Records at Archives I

“What records do you have here?” is a common question we are asked everyday at Archives I.  This post — Part 2 of a 3-part series — provides a brief description of the Navy/maritime records one can find at our facility in Washington, DC.  Part 1, Army [records at AI], was posted earlier, while Part 3, […]