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Tag: Walter J. Huchthausen

The Monuments Men During February 1945: Locating Repositories of Looted and German Cultural Property

Today’s post was written by Dr. Greg Bradsher, archivist at the National Archives in College Park. At the end of January, Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley, head of the 12th Army Group, wrote the G-5s of his four Armies (First, Third, Ninth, and Fifteenth) regarding the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives (MFA&A) Specialist Officers and their […]

Walter J. Huchthausen: A Monuments Man Killed in Action

This is the second in a series of posts about real-life Monuments Men by Dr. Greg Bradsher. See also his post on Sir Charles Leonard Woolley. The forthcoming movie The Monuments Men has focused great attention on the Monuments Men (and women) and their work during and after World War II.  Of course the movie cannot tell the […]