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Archive for October, 2012

Mrs. Carter Stops By To See ERA Scarf

One of the things that is really nice for staff and visitors alike at the Carter Presidential Museum is the frequency with which President and Mrs. Carter stop by the museum. It’s not unusual for visitors to see the Carters walking through the museum or getting a bite to eat in the Copenhill Café during […]

FALL into Book Events at the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum

So a little bird told me… I couldn’t resist using that saying in today’s post after seeing the image to the right. The grounds around the Library & Museum are oftentimes a hidden treasure trove of wildlife. A coworker was able to snap this photo of one of our resident avian friends. You can’t tell […]

What Makes October Outstanding?

Why is October such an outstanding month? For a great many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, I suppose it has something to do with the sights and smells of autumn, the sense of invigoration that often follows any change in season… Another reason to appreciate October is the fact that it is American Archives […]