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About the Bloggers

Christine Blackerby
ChristineChristine is an education specialist in the Center for Legislative Archives in Washington, DC. She joined the National Archives in 2002. Christine conducts educator workshops, writes articles, and creates classroom materials using documents from the historical records of Congress to help classroom teachers integrate the history and proceedings of Congress into American history and government classes. She received a B.A in history and political science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an M.A. in education at the University of Kentucky.

Carol Buswell

CarolCarol is the educator at the National Archives at Seattle. She develops online and in-person programs in archival research for teachers, college students, family historians and the general public. She has also been a middle school teacher, antiques dealer and owner of a desktop publishing house. She holds a master’s in American Indian studies from UCLA and a B.A. in elementary education from Western State College of Colorado. She started traveling the U.S. at age one and never plans to stop.

Annie Davis

AnnieAnnie is the educator at the National Archives at Boston. She develops programs for teachers and students about teaching and learning with documents. She has also been a high school English teacher, a museum educator and curator, and a manager in an educational software company. She holds a master’s from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in literature from the University of California at San Diego. After decades in New England, she’s still part Californian.

Stephanie Greenhut

StephanieStephanie joined the National Archives in 2008 as an education technology specialist after teaching history and law to middle and high school students. She creates educational resources, including web-based and mobile instructional materials and tools. She managed the development of, and oversees the primary source database and ongoing creation of document-based learning activities. She holds degrees from Union College and Hofstra University.

Natalie Rocchio

NatalieNatalie joined the National Archives in 2004 as an archives specialist with the Center for Legislative Archives. She works on digital outreach projects for the Center, like Congress in the Archives on Tumblr. Natalie has a Master of Arts in history with concentrations in early America and public history from American University and a Bachelor of Arts in history from Washington and Jefferson College.

Christopher Zarr

ChrisChristopher joined the National Archives in 2008 as an education specialist after teaching U.S. and world history to high school students in New Jersey. He helps teachers, students, and the general public discover ways to learn from primary sources through educational materials and workshops, social media, and exhibitions. He has a Bachelor of Arts in history and political science and a master’s in social studies education, all from Rutgers University.