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Archive for April, 2011

Introducing: The FOIA Dispute Resolution Process

On April 26, the OGIS staff (along with our friend Jean Whyte from NARA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution program) presented a daylong training session entitled “Dispute Resolution Skills Training for FOIA Professionals” to representatives from agencies across the Government. As with previous offerings of this training over the past year, the Justice Department’s Office of Information […]

Open Government: OGIS’s Take

The term “Open Government” is thrown around a lot these days. President Obama made Open Government a keystone of his administration, beginning with the memorandum on Open Government on January 21, 2009. But what does Open Government actually mean? Is Open Government about using technology to make government work better and to disclose vast amounts […]

Open Government and Media Experts Make MAGIC

No disappearing documents at this MAGIC show: experts in government access — from journalists to Federal and state government officials to watch-dog groups — gathered Tuesday at the National Archives to discuss making government more transparent. While the topics discussed at the Media Access to Government Information Conference (MAGIC)  were wide-ranging — from declassification to […]

Announcement: Upcoming Dispute Resolution Skills Training for FOIA Professionals

FOIA professionals – particularly FOIA Public Liaisons – deal frequently with disputes. In fact, the amended Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552) directs FOIA Public Liaisons to help resolve FOIA disputes. In order to equip these key FOIA staff members with useful tools to productively manage conflict, we are offering a free dispute […]