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Demystifying Immigration Records, Part 1

At least five different Federal agencies maintain immigration records, so figuring out which agency holds what records can be challenging—even for frequent FOIA requesters like immigration attorneys. On the flip side, agencies are challenged by a constant stream of immigration records requests. An OGIS-sponsored forum on immigration records May 23 brought immigration attorneys and others […]

Improving FOIA

The following post is from OGIS Director Miriam Nisbet: The Freedom of Information Act directs OGIS to recommend “policy changes to Congress and the President to improve the administration” of FOIA. Since late 2009 when OGIS opened as part of the National Archives and Records Administration, the Office has looked for and shared ways to […]

Extra Extra: Read All About Us!

Ever had one of those weeks when your car has a flat, the dog escapes and you get a call from your bank because your credit card number was stolen? We’ve had a couple weeks like that at OGIS regarding publishing online our 2012 report on our second full year. But never mind all that […]

FOIA Portal Moving from Idea to Reality

Consider this: a multi-agency FOIA portal that automates FOIA processing and reporting, stores FOIA requests and responses in a repository and keeps records electronically. Not to mention allows requesters to submit requests to fewer government websites, track the status of requests and find, view and download FOIA requests and agency responses, all in a secure […]

Updated OGIS Language for Agencies

As regular readers of this blog know, OGIS moved from College Park, MD, to Washington, D.C., one month ago. Our mailing address, email addresses and toll-free number remain the same, but our local telephone and fax numbers have changed. (For anyone concerned that our mail stills goes to College Park, MD, rest assured that there […]