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What the Government’s Alphabet Soup Means for You

There are few things in the federal government that do not go by a three letter acronym—or, in government-speak, a TLA. As we at OGIS (that’s the Office of Government Information Services!)  are keenly aware, though, government acronyms are not limited to three letters—and they can refer to a  wide variety of things. One acronym that […]

OGIS Acting Director Testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

OGIS’s Acting Director, Nikki Gramian, took a turn in the big chair before the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 6 to update the panel on OGIS’s activities over the last year.  The hearing also included testimony from Director of the Department of Justice Office of Information Policy Melanie Pustay; State Department Chief FOIA Officer Joyce […]

Thinking globally

Thirty-three information commissioners—a.k.a freedom of information ombudsmen—from 25 countries gathered April 21-23 for the 9th International Conference of Information Commissioners to discuss transparency issues and share successes and challenges. It was a great honor to represent OGIS at the conference, hosted by the Chilean Transparency Council, in Santiago, Chile. Among the themes of the conference, […]

OGIS Releases Second Agency Assessment

We’re pleased to release our second assessment of an agency FOIA program:  the National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) Special Access and FOIA unit. Regular readers will recall that we launched our agency assessment program last year to help us better fulfill our statutory mandate to review agency FOIA policies, procedures and compliance. (5 U.S.C. […]

Announcing OGIS’s FY 2014 Report!

Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 is shaping up to be a busy one for OGIS, just as FY 2014 was. Want to learn more about OGIS’s FY 2014? Check out our annual report: Building a Bridge Between FOIA Requesters & Federal Agencies 2015 Report for FY 2014. We’ve got a nifty page-turn version on our website, […]