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Pennies for Peace

by on November 12, 2010


5,447 pennies!

Where did they come from?

Congratulations Calamus-Wheatland Community School District for all of your hard work in collecting 5,447 pennies. TAG teacher Susan Kruse said that every student helped with the project by bringing in pennies to donate to Pennies for Peace a project that provides school supplies to countries in need. What a great feeling knowing that you are doing your part to bring peace to the world.

For more photos of the Hoover Presidential Library staff counting pennies go to the Photograph Gallery.


DeAnn November 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Mount Vernon School helps with ‘Pennies for Peace’
Washington Elementary school students visited the Hoover Library in West Branch to hear author Susan Roth.
The event included a display of clothing and artifacts from Pakistan and a presentation of the humanitarian efforts made by Herbert Hoover.
They watched a brief movie about Greg Mortenson’s building projects and an effort made by school children called “Pennies for Peace.”
Mount Vernon’s Washington Elementary is planning to participate in “Pennies for Peace” in the spring. Paige was the representative that told of the efforts being made at the school.
“We read Listen to the Wind to kindergarten through second grade classrooms and talked about Pennies for Peace,”she said. “I think Pennies for Peace is a good program for our school because they are using our school to help build other schools.”

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