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Morning Sun 5th Graders

by on March 30, 2011


“Thank you so much for coming—It was an excellent learning and concept reinforcement session for the 5th graders.”
Sometimes when the Presidential Troupe presents at a school it is after the students have finished studying the American Revolution, and we are there to reinforce what they have studied. Times like that are fun. The Morning Sun Elementary students were on fire! They knew their facts and were actively engaged and asked questions that showed they were widely read on the subject. The room was full of trade books and,  lucky for us,  Samuel Adams had read them all. So…when asked about why he didn’t ride a horse we were prepared!! Both Samuel and John Adams jumped to their feet giving their interpretations of the trip to the 1st Continental Congress.
Historical Anecdote: John Adams wrote a letter to relatives about the difficulties his cousin Samuel had while riding a horse to Philadelphia. Samuel’s preferred method of riding in a carriage would take too long. So Samuel was hoisted onto a horse, with considerable effort, and,  with help from a tailor in Connecticut (sewing padding into the back of his breeches),  he and John arrived in time for the 1st Continental Congress.

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