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Where in the World is Lou Henry Hoover?

by on April 5, 2011


Girls Scouts are tossing an inflated globe and the recipient must point to a country and guess if Lou and Bert lived there.

76 Girl Scouts and leaders spent Saturday afternoon at the Hoover Presidential Library celebrating¬† Lou Henry Hoover at the First Lady Day workshop. The Hoover Museum is a perfect destination for a Girl Scout field trip any time of the year. The Lou Henry Hoover gallery gives girls an opportunity to learn more about this important Scout leader. First Lady Lou Henry Hoover was an early leader of the Girl Scouts and served two terms as GSA president. “I was a Scout years ago, before the movement ever started,” Lou said late in life, recounting a childhood spent fishing and camping.

Scouts who visit the museum can fulfill 5 of the 6 requirements for the Lou Henry Hoover Patch through a specially designed tour.

FYI: Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts!

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