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Archive for October, 2011

“Who is Herbert Hoover?”

Dear Hoover Site, Thank you for giving my class a tour around the site. I had a STUPENDOUS time learning about Herbert Hoover’s life. At first I was like “Who is Herbert Hoover?” But now know a lot about ‘Bert. It was amazing learning that Herbert had such a small house. I enjoyed walking through […]

“Another wonderful day at the Hoover Library”

That’s Delia Ray, the author of Here Lies Linc, sitting in the middle of 362 enthusiastic TAG students. A¬†great adventure took place at the Hoover Presidential Library on October 4, when we hosted a Book Talk which included a cemetery sleuth named Julie Zahs, original song lyrics written and performed by Jan Jasiewicz and Mike […]

“I can’t wait to tell everybody how great it was!”

Dear Herbert Hoover Museum, Thank you for letting our fourth grade classes visit the Hoover Museum. I learned so much about him. I can’t wait to tell everybody how great it was. My favorite part was the gift shop. You have so many things I loved about the Museum that I can’t even name them […]

“We learned a lot about Herbert Hoover!”

Dear Herbert Hoover Staff, Thank you for letting us go to the museum. One thing that was something I learned was Herbert Hoover had the same birthday as me. And he liked fishing and I like fishing, too. Something that was interesting was he had two dogs. And he had a very small house when […]