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Revolutionary War Presentation

This experience was really cool because all the people looked almost like the real people. I learned a lot. What I liked about this event was that it felt like I was in that time frame. My favorite person there was Ben Franklin because I know a lot more things that he has done besides […]

Spring Tour Season at the Hoover Complex

Dear Hoover Museum, Thank you for letting me come to your museum. I enjoyed looking at Herbert’s actual house because it was just fascinating. I also enjoyed the gift shop – there were some funny T-shirts. Last, but not least, I enjoyed the tour because I learned that Herbert Hoover was a great leader. Most […]

Troupe being interviewed at Summit School

Our thanks to the Revolutionary America troupe for their visit on March 8.  What an insightful and meaningful way for students to learn American history!

Where in the World is Lou Henry Hoover?

Girls Scouts are tossing an inflated globe and the recipient must point to a country and guess if Lou and Bert lived there. 76 Girl Scouts and leaders spent Saturday afternoon at the Hoover Presidential Library celebrating  Lou Henry Hoover at the First Lady Day workshop. The Hoover Museum is a perfect destination for a […]

George Washington said, "John, you talk too much!"

John Adams is talking about April of 1774 when the 1st Continental Congress was held. Its purpose was to unite the colonies and to get ready for war should there be war. The colonists were to start collecting weapons and gunpowder. A message was sent to the King demanding changes. John Adams is talking again! […]

Morning Sun 5th Graders

“Thank you so much for coming—It was an excellent learning and concept reinforcement session for the 5th graders.” Sometimes when the Presidential Troupe presents at a school it is after the students have finished studying the American Revolution, and we are there to reinforce what they have studied. Times like that are fun. The Morning […]

"This is a constitution for the people…"

The Presidential Troupe traveled to North Bend Elementary in North Liberty to present Time Travel to Revolutionary America to 5th graders on Tuesday. The building was built three years ago and is state-of-the-art in every way:  white boards, computers everywhere,  commons areas for students to work together, etc. That’s Ben Franklin talking about the constitution […]

History Comes Alive at Wellman!

These 5th graders are enjoying interacting with the Presidential Troupe on St. Patrick’s Day. Are they smiling because Ben Franklin is talking about his days in France? Or…are they listening to John Adams as he defends the British soldiers at trial? Or…are they watching the Loyalist as she recalls the Boston Massacre?  Or… You GUESSED […]

Primary Research

Waverly-Shell Rock High School AP History students rose early this morning to catch a ride to the Hoover Presidential Library. They left at 7:00 a.m. for the 112 mile drive through Iowa farmland. They were coming for a chance to do primary research, to hold the real deal in their hands — to look at […]

Peosta Hosts the Presidential Troupe

Seton Catholic School was the destination for the Presidential Troupe on February 28. It was a beautiful sunny day for the hour and a half drive northeast to the small town of Peosta, IA.  Peosta sits a few miles west of Dubuque, one of Iowa’s oldest towns, which was established by Julian Dubuque because of […]