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“I can’t wait to tell everybody how great it was!”

Dear Herbert Hoover Museum, Thank you for letting our fourth grade classes visit the Hoover Museum. I learned so much about him. I can’t wait to tell everybody how great it was. My favorite part was the gift shop. You have so many things I loved about the Museum that I can’t even name them […]

“We learned a lot about Herbert Hoover!”

Dear Herbert Hoover Staff, Thank you for letting us go to the museum. One thing that was something I learned was Herbert Hoover had the same birthday as me. And he liked fishing and I like fishing, too. Something that was interesting was he had two dogs. And he had a very small house when […]

Where in the World is Lou Henry Hoover?

Girls Scouts are tossing an inflated globe and the recipient must point to a country and guess if Lou and Bert lived there. 76 Girl Scouts and leaders spent Saturday afternoon at the Hoover Presidential Library celebrating¬† Lou Henry Hoover at the First Lady Day workshop. The Hoover Museum is a perfect destination for a […]

Lou Henry Hoover First Lady Day

On Saturday, December 11, fifty-four Girl Scouts came to the Hoover Presidential Library to learn about what life was like for Lou Henry Hoover–former First Lady and President of Girl Scouts of the USA. Even a snowstorm couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm for participating in activities: exploring the many countries that the Hoovers traveled to, First […]