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Linn Grove Elementary Sends a Thank You!

This fall Linn Grove Elementary 4th graders were notified that their annual school field trip to the Hoover Presidential Library had to be canceled. So…Docent Sue and Education Specialist Mary hopped into their cars and drove to Marion, Iowa to talk to the students.  We were impressed with their knowledge of President Hoover and the […]

It Was Really COOL!

Counting down the 50 coolest things about the Hoover Presidential Library and the National Historic Site.

Preston 4th Graders Write about their Field Trip!

I learned that the Library told many things about Herbert Hoover. I found out that Mr. Hoover met his wife at college. She went with him to China while he managed a mine for a big company. While in the Library, I liked looking at pictures of Mr. Hoover’s presidency. I also liked that Herbert […]

Springville 5th Graders Enjoy their School Field Trip!

Thank you for taking us on the walk around the Museum. I learned a lot and you were a great tour guide. It was cool. I learned that Hoover was the 31st president and he also helped many people and saved them by giving them food such as Hoover bread. He was also a very […]

Students Write Thank You Notes!