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Would you like to learn about past and present cultures?

How about ways to improve social studies and science education?

What about experiences that enhance citizenship education to help preserve our archaeological legacy?

32 teachers, 3 presenters and 4 guest speakers joined together on June 22-24, 2011, for a hands-on professional development opportunity at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in partnership with the Office of the State Archaeologist. The topic of discussion was how to utilize Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter, an acclaimed inquiry-based social studies and science curriculum, in your educational setting.

Iowa history teacher Michael Zahs wowed everyone talking about his experiences reconstructing log houses and shared several original tools of the trade. Lynn, Cherie, and Diane were so knowledgeable about the hands-on archaeological activities that the two and a half days sped by too quickly.

To learn more about Project Archaeology contact: Office of the State Archaeologist, 700 Clinton Street Building, Iowa City, IA 52242 or call (319) 384-0561 or




Thanks for the tour!

by on June 1, 2011


I just might try to find the time to come back. I learned a lot about President Hoover while I was there.


Roving Reporter

by on May 31, 2011

My name is Miranda and I’m reporting back... I’m from FMI. I had an amazing time!! I loved when we went to the blacksmith shop! I loved it because it had all these old fashioned hammers and stuff like that. All the people were really nice. When we had the tour inside the building I saw an old typewriter. I want one of those so badly! I got a beautiful diamond rock in the gift shop. I can’t believe they were only four bucks. I bought another thing that I’m writing with right now. It is a money pencil! This field trip was great. Thanks for everything. I never had a more wonderful field trip in my life.


P.S. The grave site was good, too. I kind of almost cried because they were so kind and sweet to children then they had to die!!

The Hoover Grave Site!

by on May 31, 2011

I would like to say “thank you for telling me about Herbert Hoover, and showing me where he lived, his school, the blacksmith shop, and the meeting house.”  I told my parents all about it, and they said it sounded neat. I also enjoyed seeing where he was buried! That was AWESOME!

Thank you


Thank you for letting us tour the Herbert Hoover Museum. It was very interesting to see Herbert Hoover’s life inside and out. My favorite part was the tour inside the museum. It is very cool to see this part of his history. Nice job setting up the whole tour. I also liked the presidents tour, where they showed their report cards and stuff. Over all, very good tour. The outside was fun, too. It is cool to see his childhood in real life. This trip was very fun. Thanks


Dear Hoover Museum and National Park,

I had a blast! Thank you for letting us come and see your wonderful exhibits. My favorite exhibit was the School House to White House. I also loved the gift shop. A lot of my friends (including me) got a turtle necklace. Mine is pink and green. I took so many pictures that I went through four sets of batteries. This was the best field trip ever. I was very sad because we had to leave.



P.S. Expect me this summer!! :)

Dear Hoover Museum and National Park,

I had a blast at everything. I was sad when we had to leave, but it was fun. I might go back in the summer. We will go to all of the things there.



Dear Hoover Museum & National Park,

Thank you for showing us all of the exhibits. It was AWESOME! My favorite part was seeing the blacksmith. It is so cool seeing how you can heat metal and then shape it. The saddest part was when we had to leave. I hope I can go again sometime. It was just amazing! I liked his house a lot, it was cute. Thanks again!



Dear Hoover Museum and National Park,

I loved being in the house that Herbert Hoover was born in. I cannot believe that the whole family had to share one bedroom. And looking at the grave of President Hoover was a great honor and his lovely Lou Henry.


Jacob Lee

P.S. I loved everything I saw. And I love everything at the gift shop!

On the evening of May 6, the auditorium was jam packed with families attending the Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony where Bobcats, Tiger Cubs, Wolfe, and Bear Scouts all had a wonderful time receiving their awards. The highlight of the meeting was a live auction. Each boy was given 380 dollars of funny money to spend at will. Every family brought objects to be auctioned off: candy bars, dinosaurs, games, fishing poles, stuffed toys, and flashlights were among the items up for bid.

The bidding was fast and furious and of course all done with good sportsmanship!

To view President Hoover’s Boy Scout membership card from 1942 click here.