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Join us for a Magical Time!

The Hoover Museum’s newest holiday exhibit A Fairy Tale Christmas features twenty trees decorated to represent different fairy tales. 78 special tours for 1,582 children have been guided by members of the Bethany Lutheran Church. Some of the trees featured this year were: The Gingerbread Boy, The Little Mermaid, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Nutcracker, […]

This is a trip I will be planning for years to come!

Dear Staff and Rangers, Thank you so much for making our visit to the library and grounds a great one. The students enjoyed it and we all learned a lot. This is a trip I will be planning for years to come. You do a great job! Thanks Ms. Wenger 6th grade teacher Moravia

“Who is Herbert Hoover?”

Dear Hoover Site, Thank you for giving my class a tour around the site. I had a STUPENDOUS time learning about Herbert Hoover’s life. At first I was like “Who is Herbert Hoover?” But now know a lot about ‘Bert. It was amazing learning that Herbert had such a small house. I enjoyed walking through […]

“Another wonderful day at the Hoover Library”

That’s Delia Ray, the author of Here Lies Linc, sitting in the middle of 362 enthusiastic TAG students. A great adventure took place at the Hoover Presidential Library on October 4, when we hosted a Book Talk which included a cemetery sleuth named Julie Zahs, original song lyrics written and performed by Jan Jasiewicz and Mike […]

“I can’t wait to tell everybody how great it was!”

Dear Herbert Hoover Museum, Thank you for letting our fourth grade classes visit the Hoover Museum. I learned so much about him. I can’t wait to tell everybody how great it was. My favorite part was the gift shop. You have so many things I loved about the Museum that I can’t even name them […]

“We learned a lot about Herbert Hoover!”

Dear Herbert Hoover Staff, Thank you for letting us go to the museum. One thing that was something I learned was Herbert Hoover had the same birthday as me. And he liked fishing and I like fishing, too. Something that was interesting was he had two dogs. And he had a very small house when […]

Project Archaeology Workshop

Would you like to learn about past and present cultures? How about ways to improve social studies and science education? What about experiences that enhance citizenship education to help preserve our archaeological legacy? 32 teachers, 3 presenters and 4 guest speakers joined together on June 22-24, 2011, for a hands-on professional development opportunity at the […]

Thanks for the tour!

NICE MUSEUM! I just might try to find the time to come back. I learned a lot about President Hoover while I was there. Dalton

Roving Reporter

My name is Miranda and I’m reporting back… I’m from FMI. I had an amazing time!! I loved when we went to the blacksmith shop! I loved it because it had all these old fashioned hammers and stuff like that. All the people were really nice. When we had the tour inside the building I […]

The Hoover Grave Site!

I would like to say “thank you for telling me about Herbert Hoover, and showing me where he lived, his school, the blacksmith shop, and the meeting house.”  I told my parents all about it, and they said it sounded neat. I also enjoyed seeing where he was buried! That was AWESOME! Thank you Chloe