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Nice job of setting up the whole tour!

Thank you for letting us tour the Herbert Hoover Museum. It was very interesting to see Herbert Hoover’s life inside and out. My favorite part was the tour inside the museum. It is very cool to see this part of his history. Nice job setting up the whole tour. I also liked the presidents tour, […]

I also loved the gift shop!

Dear Hoover Museum and National Park, I had a blast! Thank you for letting us come and see your wonderful exhibits. My favorite exhibit was the School House to White House. I also loved the gift shop. A lot of my friends (including me) got a turtle necklace. Mine is pink and green. I took […]

That was an awesome field trip!

Dear Hoover Museum and National Park, I had a blast at everything. I was sad when we had to leave, but it was fun. I might go back in the summer. We will go to all of the things there. Sincerely, Jordan

My favorite part was seeing the Blacksmith Shop!

Dear Hoover Museum & National Park, Thank you for showing us all of the exhibits. It was AWESOME! My favorite part was seeing the blacksmith. It is so cool seeing how you can heat metal and then shape it. The saddest part was when we had to leave. I hope I can go again sometime. […]

The house that Herbert Hoover was born in!

Dear Hoover Museum and National Park, I loved being in the house that Herbert Hoover was born in. I cannot believe that the whole family had to share one bedroom. And looking at the grave of President Hoover was a great honor and his lovely Lou Henry. Sincerely, Jacob Lee P.S. I loved everything I […]

25…30…35…sold right here!

On the evening of May 6, the auditorium was jam packed with families attending the Cub Scout Advancement Ceremony where Bobcats, Tiger Cubs, Wolfe, and Bear Scouts all had a wonderful time receiving their awards. The highlight of the meeting was a live auction. Each boy was given 380 dollars of funny money to spend […]

Spring Tour Season at the Hoover Complex

Dear Hoover Museum, Thank you for letting me come to your museum. I enjoyed looking at Herbert’s actual house because it was just fascinating. I also enjoyed the gift shop – there were some funny T-shirts. Last, but not least, I enjoyed the tour because I learned that Herbert Hoover was a great leader. Most […]

Troupe being interviewed at Summit School

Our thanks to the Revolutionary America troupe for their visit on March 8.  What an insightful and meaningful way for students to learn American history!

Where in the World is Lou Henry Hoover?

Girls Scouts are tossing an inflated globe and the recipient must point to a country and guess if Lou and Bert lived there. 76 Girl Scouts and leaders spent Saturday afternoon at the Hoover Presidential Library celebrating¬† Lou Henry Hoover at the First Lady Day workshop. The Hoover Museum is a perfect destination for a […]

George Washington said, "John, you talk too much!"

John Adams is talking about April of 1774 when the 1st Continental Congress was held. Its purpose was to unite the colonies and to get ready for war should there be war. The colonists were to start collecting weapons and gunpowder. A message was sent to the King demanding changes. John Adams is talking again! […]