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That was an awesome field trip!

Dear Hoover Museum and National Park, I had a blast at everything. I was sad when we had to leave, but it was fun. I might go back in the summer. We will go to all of the things there. Sincerely, Jordan

My favorite part was seeing the Blacksmith Shop!

Dear Hoover Museum & National Park, Thank you for showing us all of the exhibits. It was AWESOME! My favorite part was seeing the blacksmith. It is so cool seeing how you can heat metal and then shape it. The saddest part was when we had to leave. I hope I can go again sometime. […]

The house that Herbert Hoover was born in!

Dear Hoover Museum and National Park, I loved being in the house that Herbert Hoover was born in. I cannot believe that the whole family had to share one bedroom. And looking at the grave of President Hoover was a great honor and his lovely Lou Henry. Sincerely, Jacob Lee P.S. I loved everything I […]

Spring Tour Season at the Hoover Complex

Dear Hoover Museum, Thank you for letting me come to your museum. I enjoyed looking at Herbert’s actual house because it was just fascinating. I also enjoyed the gift shop – there were some funny T-shirts. Last, but not least, I enjoyed the tour because I learned that Herbert Hoover was a great leader. Most […]

Bobcat Finds a Home at the Hoover Presidential Library!

Rolly spotted a bobcat this afternoon by the edge of the 78 acres of restored tall grass prairie that surrounds the Hoover Presidential Library. The National Park Service maintains the prairie and protects the wildlife that live there. This includes deer, pheasant, turkey, groundhogs, fox, bobcat and many species of birds.  Lou Henry Hoover was […]

October at the National Historic Site

Herbert Hoover wrote, “But I prefer to think of Iowa as I saw it through the eyes of a ten-year old boy…filled with the wonders of Iowa’s streams and woods, of the mystery of growing crops…days should be filled with adventure and great undertakings, with participation in good and comforting things.”

It Was Really COOL!

Counting down the 50 coolest things about the Hoover Presidential Library and the National Historic Site.