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Innovation Yields Big Results for the National Archives at Philadelphia

Based on an article by V. Chapman-Smith, Special Assistant to National Education at the National Archives at Philadelphia The National Archives at Philadelphia presents a wonderful case study on how innovation can benefit NARA and at the same time make a deep impact in the local community.  All along the way, however, it has involved […]

Launching a Social Intranet

On January 16, 2014, we had the privilege of hosting the Federal Communicators Network for a special presentation: “Driving Employee Engagement Through A Social Intranet.” This event was an opportunity to welcome our communications colleagues from across the Federal government, and gave us the chance to share best practices and solution-driven approaches for our work.  We were joined by over 70 attendees (both in person […]

Wikimedia Deutschland visits Washington: Our role in the Wikimedia community

A global challenge Here at NARA, we’re working hard to understand Wikipedia’s inner workings. The Wikimedia community—which is responsible for writing and maintaining Wikipedia and its sister projects—is a vast, international network made up of individual editors, geographically organized chapters, officially affiliated groups, a central Wikimedia Foundation, and third-party stakeholder groups with overlapping educational missions, like the […]

Image Quality: DPI vs Tone Reproduction

Most discussions about what makes a high quality image focus on “DPI” to the exclusion of the other elements that contribute to what makes an image good. This post is an attempt to explain why other factors should also be considered, and what they are. Steve Puglia, Erin Rhodes, and Jeffrey Reed provided an very in depth guide  […]

Innovation Means Working Smarter, Together

The struggle to achieve what seems impossible. Everybody goes through it at some point in their lives, and our Agency is no exception. So it was with some joy that I stumbled this weekend on a classic 2005 article from our magazine Prologue, “Secrecy and Salesmanship in the Struggle for NARA’s Independence.” Penned by former Archivist Robert M. […]

Driving Employee Engagement Through A Social Intranet

A National Archives event, with special guests, the Federal Communicators Network The National Archives Office of Innovation and the Federal Communicators Network welcome you to learn from NARA’s experiences implementing a social intranet and network with your peers in government communications and community management. Kelly Osborn, Web Developer and Community Manager for NARA’s Internal Collaboration Network, will take us […]

Innovation Hub launches with Wikimedia D.C. Annual Meeting

On a recent Saturday, the National Archives was honored to host the 2013 annual membership meeting of Wikimedia D.C.—the local chapter of the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, which supports Wikipedia and other projects—for the first public event at our Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is a new public space for meeting, organizing, collaborating, and hacking in the […]

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