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Images of the Week (12/20/13)

The theme this week is Aviation. Local Identifier: 18-WP-48625, Photograph of the Wright Brothers’ Camp in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903 Local Identifier: 165-WW-7B-6, “Wright Brothers’ 1904 Aeroplane (“Kitty Hawk”) in first flight, December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk,  N.C. Orville Wright at controls. Wilbur Wright standing at right. (first flight was 12 seconds)” Local […]

Images of the Week: Space Exploration

This week I’m highlighting a new series of photographs received from NASA’s National Space Science Data Center. The series, “Photographs Relating to Space Exploration, 1961-1998″ (National Archives Identifier 7541247), features images taken by space probes, space observatories, earth observation satellites and manned space flight missions. The series description will soon be available through OPA. Local […]

Images of the Week:Thanksgiving with the Troops

The theme this week is Thanksgiving and the U.S. Military. Local Identifier: 165-WW-472A-7, “Thanksgiving cheer distributed for men in service. New York City turned host to the boys in service today and cared for every man in uniform”, Underwood and Underwood., ca. 1918 Local Identifier: 342-FH-3A-14796, “After receiving permission from the farm owner, these men, […]

Images of the Week:The Wild West

The theme this week is the Wild West. Local Identifier: 406-NSB-011-Billykid.jpg, “Billy the Kid” American West# 82 / Local Identifier: 111-SC-94129, “Dodge City [Kans.] Peace Commissioners.. L to R: Chas. Bassett, W. H. Harris, Wyatt Earp, Luke Short, L. McLean, Bat Masterson, Neal Brown.” By Camillus S. Fly, ca. 1890 American West# 155 / Local […]

Images of the Week: USIA Paper Shows

This week I’m posting several examples of posters from the series Paper Show Exhibition Poster Sets, ca. 1974 – ca. 1994 (306-PSP). These posters were created by the United States Information Agency for exhibits they referred to as “Paper Shows”, which were pieced together using multiple posters to create a multi-panel display. The entire series […]