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Prioritization Update

Today’s post comes from NDC Director Sheryl Shenberger and is an updated listing of prioritized NDC projects for final processing. In my September 2014 blog post I offered a new option for prioritizing records that lack final processing: the opportunity for interested researchers to choose which series from a selected list should go the head […]

New Releases from the National Declassification Center

The NDC has released a listing of 240 entries that have completed declassification processing between June 30 and October 10, 2014 and are now available for researcher request. This release consists of records from both military and civilian agencies. Highlights include: Department of the Treasury, Executive Secretariat Files, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), Office of Public […]

Rum and Diplomacy

Today’s post comes from National Declassification Center Archives Specialist Dr. Amanda Weimer. Jose Pepín Bosch was a man of action.  Having married into the Bacardi family in 1922, Bosch led the spirits company now known as Bacardi Limited from November 1944 until 1976.  A Cuban patriot, he helped to emphasize the Cuban character integral to […]

100 Years of the Panama Canal: The Age of Transition, 1964-73

Today’s Blog Post is from Senior NDC Archivist (Special Assistant, NDC Evaluation and Special Projects Division) Patrice Brown. The beginning of the Panama Canal is well known. The routes considered, the French construction efforts, the United States entrance as the canal builder, and the characters involved.   However, the transitional period between the Panamanian demands for […]

A New Option for Prioritization

Today’s post comes from NDC Director Sheryl Shenberger and discusses a new option to help the NDC prioritize final processing of records. In the recently posted NDC Status Report on the NDC Declassification Website I noted that in completing quality assurance for the 352 million pages of backlog records (a good thing), we still faced […]

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