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New Deadline for Comments is March 31st

Given the extensive changes being proposed and in response to requests, the NHPRC has extended the comment period on the proposed DRAFT grant guidelines in all six categories. The new deadline to submit comments is Monday, March 31, 2014.  We ask that you share your thoughts by posting them on the NHPRC blog.  As always, […]

New Deadline for Comments on Publishing Historical Records Draft Guidelines

Given the extensive changes being proposed and in response to requests from the historical and documentary editing communities, the NHPRC has extended the comment period for the Online Publishing of Historical Records and Publishing Historical Records Online: Transition Support grant program drafts. The new deadline to submit comments is Monday, March 31, 2014.  We ask that […]

Webinar Schedule

We are offering a series of Webinars for people to discuss the proposed drafts for the NHPRC’s grant programs. You can find information about how to participate under the individual posts for each of the drafts: February 20 — Publishing Historical Records: Transition Support To listen to a digital recording of this call, dial the […]


These questions are intended to give you an overview of the proposed changes to NHPRC grants programs.  We want to hear from you by March 31, 2014, and the Commission must approve them before they are final. Frequently Asked Questions What changes are being considered for the NHPRC grants program? The National Historical Publications and […]

Online Publishing of Historical Records

The NHPRC has long been focused on providing public access to the nation’s most significant historical records. With this purpose in mind, it has funded documentary editions of those records for many years, first in print editions and later as well in digital formats online. The Commission wishes to expand its support of online publishing […]

Literacy and Engagement

The National Archives has launched several new projects to encourage people to become “citizen archivists” and join in crowdsourcing efforts to improve historical records content online. At the same time, it has become clear that greater levels of digital literacy and understanding are necessary to ensure that people can not only access historical records but […]

State Board Programming Grants

State Historical Records Advisory Boards assist the National Historical Publications and Records Commission in carrying out its mission and extending its reach through state-based activities. The NHPRC is revising its state board grants program to focus on public programming that results in enhanced online access to records, increased public understanding and use of archives, and […]

State Government Electronic Records

Government information maintained by state archives is a unique national asset, serving as an important resource for documenting rights and capturing the national experience. As part of its initiative to create a National Partnership for Digital Government, the NHPRC seeks to support state archives in preserving and providing access to their government electronic record holdings. […]

Access to Historical Records

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission proposes a revised grant program to promote the preservation and use of the nation’s most valuable archival resources. This grant program is designed to support repositories in preserving and processing primary source materials of national significance. The program emphasizes the creation of online tools that facilitate the public […]

A Time of Opportunity and Change

This is an important time to be in the business of providing access to historical records. More people than ever are connecting with historical documents, searching for and finding them online, using them in new ways, and adding new content. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) of the National Archives is responding to […]

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