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NARA Coast to Coast: Announcing the 2011 National Archives Regional Residency Fellowship Recipients

I am happy to announce the 2011 recipients of the National Archives Regional Residency Fellowship. This new program, with the generous support of the Foundation for the National Archives provides the fellows a unique opportunity to conduct original research utilizing the holdings of the National Archives location by which they were selected. Although their research […]

NARA Coast to Coast: Federal Agency Footprints in Your Area?

I know I promised to post Part 2 about Emigration Records at the National Archives at Philadelphia as the next NARA Coast to Coast post, but I’ve gotten a bit stuck in my research and other work has gotten in the way.  (Has that ever happened to you before?)  I am definitely going to persevere […]

NARA Coast to Coast: Emigration Records at the National Archives at Philadelphia, Part 1

There have been numerous posts on the NARAtions blog about people who have immigrated to the United States and how to locate their records, but what if you have ancestors who emigrated from the United States? In this two part series, we’ll look at two unique series of records from the National Archives at Philadelphia […]

NARA Coast to Coast: “Pay Day” for Some World War I Military Personnel Records

Today, guest blogger Theresa Fitzgerald from the National Archives at St. Louis has written a special NARA Coast-to-Coast post sharing some recent discoveries in World War I era military records. On July 12, 1973 a fire engulfed the sixth floor of the Military Personnel Records Center. This event destroyed 80% of all Army personnel records with discharge dates between November […]

NARA Coast to Coast: Discovering Black Sheep in the Pen!

Special acknowledgment goes to Steve Spence, Archives Specialist at the National Archives at Kansas City, for his assistance in writing this post. Bank robbers! Prohibition gangsters! Con men! Wartime spies! Your great uncle Charlie?  This week’s post features records that combine criminal activity and family history, giving genealogists access to the shady underside of their […]

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