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I Found It in the National Archives! Contest

When you signed up as a researcher at the National Archives, what did our staff pull out of the stacks for you? Was it a photo of your great-grandfather with the Secretary of War as he received a commendation? Or did you find a telegraph your favorite president sent at the height of his career? […]

National Archives’ First Wikipedian in Residence: This article is a stub.

Have you ever landed on a Wikipedia page containing just the beginnings of an article, waiting to be filled in with valuable content? In Wikipedia parlance, these are stubs; skeleton pages set up with the basic outline of a topic which subject matter experts can work together to build into full encyclopedia articles. We see […]

Happy 10th Birthday, Wikipedia!

Ever been to a birthday party for an encyclopedia? No? Well, here’s your chance. Wikipedia turns 10 tomorrow, and there will be celebrations worldwide over the next two weeks. On Saturday, January 22nd, 2011, it’s our turn to get in on the fun. The National Archives will be hosting a 10th anniversary meetup for friends […]

WiFi @ Archives I and II

Good news for DC-area NARA users- as of today, wireless internet is available to registered researchers at A1 and A2! This means that researchers with laptops and other WiFi-enabled devices will be able to access the online catalog,, and other great sites via the free wireless connection in public areas of the Archives […]

Vote on the Homepage Designs!

A new participation opportunity is available to you as part of the redesign activities – vote on the homepage designs! The four design candidates will be on display July 6-9 in the National Archives Research Rooms in College Park, MD, and Washington, DC. Learn More here. We’ve set up two ways for you […]

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