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What do you call it when….

As the website redesign preparation continues, we’re looking for your input on how to refer to NARA’s vast collection of records. What would you collectively call all of the documents, photos, and videos that the National Archives stores? For example, would you call them holdings, collections, our catalog, an inventory, records, or something else? […]

Stop by to See Us at the NARA Genealogy Fair

Are you planning to attend the National Archives’ 6th annual Genealogy Fair? If so, we hope you’ll come visit us at our exhibit tables. NARA’s new Open Government Plan (PDF) highlights how crucial social media is to opening up the Archives and establishes the redesign of as NARA’s “flagship initiative.” Stop by, bring us […]

Grassroots Archives Recognition

We wanted to share a few pictures from a recent awards ceremony in Congress, where Chairman Clay was presented with a Duke Ellington Public Domain Merit Badge today by Public for grassroots efforts on making NARA’s resources available to everyone. Take a look, and if you have your own suggestions for how we can […]

Welcome back, RACO!

The National Records Management Program’s RACO blog, which paved the way for all other National Archives social media projects back in the spring of 2009 has been reborn as Records Express, the official blog of the National Records Management Program (NRMP) at the National Archives! The new blog will be a forum for all things […]

DC-area Researchers: Welcome to our new discussion space!

Our researchers in Archives I asked for a way that we could continue the discussions begun at our recent researcher meeting at Archives I in Washington, DC. Special media researchers have also encouraged us to make communications easier with staff and managers. In response, we’re introducing a specialized series here on NARAtions. This new set […]

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