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New Copiers/Scanners and Copy Card System

The National Archives Trust Fund is replacing current copiers and the copy card system in the research rooms of College Park, MD (Archives II) and Washington, DC (Archives I) in early 2012. The new copiers/scanners will have more features than the current copiers. The new machines produce paper copies and digitized scans that can download […]

The Scanners are Coming! The Scanners are Coming!

Today’s guest blog post comes from Rebecca Crawford of Research Services. The National Archives and Records Administration is pleased to announce the upcoming arrival of 12 ScanPro 2000s for the Microfilm Research Room in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. The scanners will be in place by the end of October 2011. The ScanPro […]

Regulation Nation

The following post comes from Stuart Culy of the Policy and Planning Staff We want your comments, again! Last December, the National Archives started looking at changing the way we let the public know about new and changing record reproduction fees.  As a result of public comments and staff deliberations, we’ve drafted a proposed rule […]

Why so blue?

Starting on Monday, June 6th if you make copies in our research rooms in the Washington, DC, area you will notice a difference in your copies.  Copies made on the self-service black and white printers in the research rooms or on the public use computers will be printed on Windsor Blue paper.   Why are […]

Hypothetically Speaking: HOW Should We Let You Know About Fee Changes?

The following guest post comes from Stuart Culy of the Policy and Planning Staff. We want your comments!  NARA is thinking about changing the way we tell researchers, visitors, and anyone who’s interested about our record reproduction fees. Basically – the fees that we charge when we make copies of our holdings for a requester. […]

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