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Archive for February, 2010

Family Tree Friday: A few slave manifests still survive.

Since February is Black History Month, it seems appropriate to mention some of the lesser-known records that are available for African American research at the National Archives.  Among those are vessel manifests that document the antebellum domestic slave trade.  Even though Congress outlawed the slave trade in 1807, the law of course did not prohibit […]

DC-area Researchers: Welcome to our new discussion space!

Our researchers in Archives I asked for a way that we could continue the discussions begun at our recent researcher meeting at Archives I in Washington, DC. Special media researchers have also encouraged us to make communications easier with staff and managers. In response, we’re introducing a specialized series here on NARAtions. This new set […]

Family Tree Friday: Nonpopulation Census Records – Agricultural Schedules

A couple of weeks ago I showed you an example of a Mortality Schedule.  Today I want to show you another type of Nonpopulation schedule – this time an Agricultural Schedule. If you have an ancestor who was a farmer in the mid-nineteenth century, you may be able to find information about their farm.  You […]

NARA Launches Open Gov Website

NARA has launched a new website, to serve as your source of information about NARA’s openness activities.  You can explore raw datasets, learn about NARA’s developing Open Government Plan, and join in the conversation about what should be included.  We need to hear your ideas for how NARA can conduct its work more openly, […]

Question: Which U.S. decennial census is your favorite and why?

On April 2, 2012, the Federal Census Bureau will be releasing the 1940 Census for public access.  For many genealogists and researchers, the release of this census will open new insights into pre-war America, as well as provide opportunities for genealogists and family historians to continue their research into this most recent decade.  Like all […]

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