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Archive for April, 2010

What do all those numbers associated with NARA records mean?

So have you ever wondered what all the numbers are that NARA associates with its records? If you have checked the Archival Research Catalog recently you might have noticed that one of our numbers has a new name.  The former Inventory Identifier has been renamed the Inventory Entry Number.  We heard from several researchers who […]

Name your wiki!

Last week we asked for your help developing an “Archives wiki.”  The first order of business is to name the wiki.  We have a few names that you have told us you don’t want (like People’s Pedia) and a request not to be too stuffy, but no suggestions for names yet.  So tell us what do […]

Calling All Citizen Archivists

The National Archives is planning to launch a public wiki that will allow users to participate on our website.  We need your help in developing an “Archives Wiki.”  This project will be similar to the UK Archives’ “Your Archives.”  Check out this wiki and let us know what you think you would want in your […]

Family Tree Friday: The last word on CMSR personal papers.

My last few posts have explored the compiled military service records (CMSRs) at the National Archives, highlighting in particular the extra information found in the records, especially the personal papers relating to individual soldiers such as enlistment and discharge forms, casualty sheets, or final statements of service.  One last point to make is that personal […]

Forty Years of Cleaning Up America: Honoring Earth Day with a Look at Photographs from Project DOCUMERICA

This guest blog post was written by NARA Archives Specialist Jerry Simmons. Earth Day turns 40 today!  To mark this great, green event, I wanted to highlight the Environmental Protection Agency’s Project DOCUMERICA collection held in the Still Pictures branch of the National Archives at College Park.  Though none of these images depict actual Earth […]

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