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Archive for August, 2010

Family Tree Friday: Info about U.S. citizens in immigration records.

Even though passenger arrival records were intended to document foreign or alien immigrants coming into the United States, you will occasionally find U.S. citizens listed on the vessel manifests as well.  In the 19th century records, they are much harder to locate, their names generally mixed together with the alien arrivals.  You have to note […]

“What Are You Working On, Neena Sachdeva?”

Ever wonder what exciting new projects the many employees at NARA are working on? The “What are You Working On?” blog feature aims to introduce a variety of NARA employees and highlight some of the exciting projects we are working on around the agency. Check for this blog series on Wednesdays! This week, we introduce […]

NARA Coast to Coast: Native American records across America

Welcome to “NARA Coast to Coast,” the newest NARAtions feature which will bring you information about federal records from National Archives locations all over the country. I am Corinne Porter, an archivist in the National Archives, Office of Regional Records Services in College Park, MD. For this inaugural post I decided to go in a […]

Family Tree Friday: Passport Applications Revisited

A while back, I talked about passport applications. These are some of my favorite records, so I thought I’d examine a typical application in detail, to show you what type of information you can find. On January 6, 1923, Sidney van Slaars’ passport application (#241469) was approved. Sidney was born in New York City “on […]

Mathew Brady Civil War Photos: New and Improved on Flickr!

Way back in October, we announced that the National Archives was uploading several sets of our Mathew Brady photos onto Flickr.  These original sets were not in any particular order, and were just a selection of the thousands of photographs that Mathew Brady took that now live at the National Archives.  Also in that original […]

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