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Archive for September, 2010

Minutes from the August 27th DC-Area Researchers Meeting Are Now Available

The minutes from the Researcher Users’ Group meetings on August 27th (PDF) are now available on the page for the Researcher Users Group at the National Archives in the Washington, DC Area. Please join us for our next meeting at 1 PM on Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 at Archives II in College Park, Maryland […]

Family Tree Friday: Landing reports of alien immigrants, 1798-1828

When I started this series of blog posts on immigration records, I mentioned that the Federal government began documenting alien arrivals in 1820, in fulfillment of the requirements of the Steerage Act of 1819.  So, can you still find any information in federal records about alien arrivals PRIOR to 1820?  As a matter of fact, […]

The National Archives at Kansas City Opens over 300,000 Alien Case Files for Research!

Today, guest blogger Elizabeth Carrington from the National Archives at Kansas City has written a special NARA Coast-to-Coast post announcing the opening of over 300,000 Alien Case Files from the records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I find when I approach new records what I really want to understand is how a particular item […]

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