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Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Blogger Meet-Up at the Genealogy Fair!

Are you a genealogy blogger?  Do you have questions for NARA, whether it be about blogging or records?  Then we have the event for you!  This year at the 7th Annual Genealogy Fair, The National Archives will be hosting a meet-up to bring together genealogist bloggers and spark some good conversation about the records you […]

Getting from Format A to Format B: Mapping out conversions of your digital documents and files

Have you ever seen the signs on the side of the road offering services for converting videotapes to DVD?  Do you worry that the digital pictures you take today might not be viewable 10 years from now? As we move forward in a digital age, there will always be older formats that need to be […]

The Return of Tech Tuesdays!

If you can think all the way back to January, you may remember NARAtions starting a new weekly blog series called Tech Tuesdays that would highlight exciting new developments and cutting edge technologies being introduced into the archives field.  While NARA is traditionally concerned with history, we must look to these new ideas and tools […]

“What Are You Working On, Hilary Parkinson?”

Ever wonder what exciting new projects the many employees at NARA are working on? The “What are You Working On?” blog feature aims to introduce a variety of NARA employees and highlight some of the exciting projects we are working on around the agency. Check for this blog series on Wednesdays! This week, we introduce […]

Hidden Treasures from within Navy Deck Logs

In anticipation of our upcoming ‘What Are You Working On?’ blog series, Rachel Sutcliffe, an Archives Technician in the Holdings Maintenance Division at NARA, shares her experiences and insights on some very interesting records. One of the best things about working with the National Archives’ records as an employee is that you get to discover something […]

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