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Family Tree Friday: Fighting both sides in the Civil War

Since we’ve been highlighting special fighting units that served in various wars, I thought I would mention a group I’m sure many people have probably heard about (even if you’re not exactly sure who they are): the Galvanized Yankees.  These men were former Confederate prisoners of war who opted to enlist in the Union Army to […]

Family Tree Friday: Artificers in the Revolutionary War

Continuing on the theme of (unusually-named) specialty units that served in the U.S. military, this time we look at the artificers who supported the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.  Simply put, artificers were skilled artisans and mechanics who kept military equipment in good working order so the troops could operate effectively.  They typically served […]

Family Tree Friday: Building Your Family Tree with Military and Civilian Personnel Records

This week’s Family Tree Friday post comes from guest blogger Theresa Fitzgerald from the National Archives at St. Louis.  Theresa shows us the wealth of genealogical information available within the National Personnel Records Center! There’s often one question when beginning one’s family tree: Where do I begin? Many start with their own family collection of […]

Family Tree Friday: U.S. Voltigeurs in the Mexican War

In my last post, I talked about the Sea Fencibles, a unique fighting unit from the War of 1812.  I thought it would be interesting to continue that trend, moving on this time to introduce the Regiment of U.S. Voltigeurs and Foot Riflemen from the Mexican War.  Voltigeurs, you may ask?!?  What in the world […]

NARA Coast to Coast: “Pay Day” for Some World War I Military Personnel Records

Today, guest blogger Theresa Fitzgerald from the National Archives at St. Louis has written a special NARA Coast-to-Coast post sharing some recent discoveries in World War I era military records. On July 12, 1973 a fire engulfed the sixth floor of the Military Personnel Records Center. This event destroyed 80% of all Army personnel records with discharge dates between November […]

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