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Tag, You’re It!

The Online Public Access prototype (OPA) just got an exciting new feature — tagging!   As you search the catalog, we now invite you to tag any archival description, as well as person and organization name records, with the keywords or labels that are meaningful to you.  Our hope is that crowdsourcing tags will enhance the […]

Suffragettes, Wearable Art, and Flickr

Since joining the Flickr Commons, several users have wowed us with their insightful comments and tags on our photos.  After highlighting the work of TVL1970 a few months ago, we’ve interviewed another avid Flickr contributor.  Penny Richards of Redondo Beach, CA, better known to Flickr users as Pennylrichardsca, has contributed tags, comments, and even shared […]

Citizen Archivists on Flickr

The National Archives’ photostream on Flickr has been a popular place for our users to view, comment, and discuss photos in our collection since June 2009.  We recently hit 2 million views on our photos on Flickr.  As we’ve seen the activity on our photostream grow (especially after joining the Flickr Commons in February 2010), […]

Tech Tuesday: Machine Tags on Our Flickr Images

We joined Flickr last summer as a new way to share our photos with the public. These photos are also available via our online catalog, the Archival Research Catalog (ARC). From the iconic Mathew Brady Civil War photographs to the stirring images from the Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERICA endeavor in the 1970s, thousands of people […]

Question: What groups of photographs should we post on Flickr next, and why?

What groups of photographs should we post on Flickr next, and why? The NARA photostream on Flickr launched in July. So far, the pilot project includes photographs and their corresponding descriptions from the Women’s Bureau, the Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERICA project, and a variety of “NARA Favorites,” plus links to each image’s ARC record. It’s […]

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