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Tag: barrels

Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, what a contest! After long deliberation, the Archivist of the United States has settled on a winning caption from last week’s photo caption contest. Its author will win eternal fame, fortune, and a 30% discount from the Archives eStore. Congratulations to Marilyn R, who won with the following caption:

Project Runway: The War Effort

So just what were those gents doing with mattresses strapped around their waists? Great question. The original caption to the First World War–era photo, taken in April 1917 by the War Department, reads: “Recruits with their mattresses tied to them to serve as life preservers. Photo taken at Newport Naval Training Station, Rhode Island.” The local identifier is 165-WW-326B(1).

While mattress-clad recruits make a great photo op, there is plenty more of the strange and unusual in our still photo section just waiting for a good caption. So, on to this week’s photo. As a reminder, our expert panel of judges will announce the winner next week, and whoever gets the most giggles will earn 30% off at the Archives eStore, and the gratitude of a nation.

Insert your caption here!

Insert your caption here!

For starters:

“People were upset to discover what Bill meant when he said Prohibition would be a barrel of laughs.”

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