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Tag: baseball

9/11: The World Series and a President’s pitch

This post is part of a series on September 11. As the nation’s record keeper, the National Archives holds many documents related to the events of September 11. In this series, our staff share some of their memories of the day and their thoughts on the records that are part of their holdings.

Today’s blogger is Alan C. Lowe, who has served as the Director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library since April of 2009.

In 2001, it was so fitting that the World Series included the New York Yankees in a duel with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The city of New York and indeed the entire nation were still reeling from the attacks of September 11. As devastated as we were, as much resolve as we had, we still sought some normalcy, some sign that the world was not completely different. The World Series, the championship of our national pastime, helped start the healing.

President George W. Bush was asked to throw out the first pitch in Game 3 of the Series, the first game of that championship to be held in New York, played on October 30. At the Bush Library, we have the ball that the President threw, the jacket that he wore, and even the pitching rubber that he stood on at the mound. The jacket was a gift from New York City Fire Commissioner … [ Read all ]

Fear the Beard!

Here at Pieces of History, we’ve been watching the World Series just for the beard. Brian Wilson’s beard, that is. Who can keep track of RBIs or batting averages when there is a pitcher who has earned himself the nickname “the Intimidator” by growing a full beard and then dyeing it?

When Ken Burns (who is the VP for the Foundation for the National Archives) decides to make the next installment in his baseball series, we’re pretty sure that Wilson’s beard will earn some slow-motion panning.

However, Brian Wilson won’t be able to just rest on his bearded laurels. He’ll need to update his look and keep it fresh for fans next year. So we’ve looked to the past for help.

From our collection of Matthew Brady images, here are some facial hair options that might intimidate batters for seasons to come. What do you recommend?… [ Read all ]

Private Babe Ruth

George Herman “Babe” Ruth was no exception to the military draft that took place during World War I, but as fate would have it, the Great Bambino’s number was never called.

Still, “Babe” Ruth managed to serve his country. Eighty-six years ago this month, the Sultan of Swat traded out his swing for a salute and enlisted in the 104th Field Artillery Division of the New York Army National Guard before a huge crowd in Times Square. Not only did he join the ranks of the military, but he also joined a growing group of veteran celebrities including Jimi Hendrix, Joe Louis, and Jack Kerouac.

75 years ago today the Great Bambino hit his 714th (and final) home run.… [ Read all ]