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Tag: Boeing Learning Center

Back to the Future with Girl Scouts: Agent “M” Speaks

I, Agent “M,” am on a very important mission.  I must help thousands of Girl Scouts save the future by becoming an Agent of Change.

Agents of Change is an online, interactive game that is being played at the National Archives and 11 other cultural institutions in Washington, DC, during the Rock the Mall event. The goal of the game is to answer the question, “Why do collecting institutions matter?”  I knew that the National Archives would be the perfect environment for them to explore this question.

In the game, the players live in a post-apocalyptic world and find a box of solar-powered smartphones that enable them to travel back in time to the 21st century  to collect items to improve society. They collect important objects from each of the participating sites by taking photographs and uploading them to the Agents of Change website.

The site and iPhone app allows players to sort, discuss, and vote for their favorite items to collaboratively build a new future. “Agents” from the participating sites, including the National Archives, contribute to the online discussion in order to help meet learning goals.

To help shape the Girl Scouts decide what to take back to the future, I am creating “transmissions,” short videos, audio recordings, or text messages, about the National Archives and give them ideas about what they may want to bring back … [ Read all ]