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Tag: Brian Wilson

Fear the Beard!

Here at Pieces of History, we’ve been watching the World Series just for the beard. Brian Wilson’s beard, that is. Who can keep track of RBIs or batting averages when there is a¬†pitcher who has earned himself the nickname “the Intimidator” by growing a full beard and then dyeing it?

When Ken Burns (who is the VP for the Foundation for the National Archives) decides to make the next installment in his baseball series, we’re pretty sure that Wilson’s beard will earn some slow-motion panning.

However, Brian Wilson won’t be able to just rest on his bearded laurels. He’ll need to update his look and keep it fresh for fans next year. So we’ve looked to the past for help.

From our collection of Matthew Brady images, here are some facial hair options that might intimidate batters for seasons to come. What do you recommend?… [ Read all ]