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Tag: Donne Kampel

View from the top: Women in academic leadership 2011

Today’s post about women is from guest blogger Donne Kampel, who will be speaking at our Fourth Annual Forum on Women in Leadership.  Kampel recently published Learning Leadership: Women Presidents of Colleges and Universities. Enjoy!


My book’s first life was as a dissertation. Women and leadership was my primary research interest but a focus for the book eluded me. There were (and still are) so many aspects of the subject that narrowing it down felt mind-numbing. Then my instinct kicked in and I said to myself, “Who best to consult on this subject than women leaders themselves?”

Fortunately, I am an academic administrator and had friends and colleagues up and down in what is so fittingly called “the academic pipeline.” I decided to start near the top, with an academic dean. It turned out to be a very good decision.

I spoke with the female dean of a womens college. She described her early schooling and her college experience. She discussed role models and mentors. Then, off the top of my head, I asked, “You run a very large school and have many presidential responsibilities including fund-raising, budget development, and faculty management. Why aren’t you a college president?”

Her response was open and honest. First, she admitted being content where she was. This is where she had learned to lead. She had learned her job on [ Read all ]