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Tag: huron manistee national forest

Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

“I TOLD you we should have taken that job at Budweiser…”

“I TOLD you we should have taken that job at Budweiser…”

Chris Staats managed to not only tap the Rockies with his caption, but tap our funny bone, too. Those poor horses would be glad to take a Clydesdale waltz through those untapped glaciers and barley fields, but instead they’re stuck hauling half a forest for Sasquatch.

The actual caption doesn’t provide much insight, I’m afraid. It reads “Photograph of Logs Heading to Market, 1887″ and comes from the Department of Agriculture. That sizable timber isn’t from any great forest out west though; it’s good ol’ Michigan timber from the Huron-Manistee National Forest, which was largely deforested according to its official website. Now the trees have returned to the million-acre forest, the only national forest in Lower Michigan.

Onto this week’s photo! Give us your all and get a 30% discount from the National Archives eStore if you win! Good luck!

Insert your caption

Insert your caption

For starters: “I’ll reattack with a spell from my level 3+ wizard of Ogdon!”… [ Read all ]