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Tag: Legos

Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest


"Ma, look what we made out of our legos!"

Fact: this photo is actually from a post-apocalyptic future, and that’s actually the Washington Monument,  fenced to protect the only known remains of a land once known as “the District” … strange that the future looks like rural Texas in 1894 …

Wait, apologies, we were looking at the wrong book.

So, just what is locked in that paddock? It’s monument marker number 258, and it helped clear up a border dispute between Mexico and the United States. You can read more about it (and many, many other markers) in “Monuments, Manifest Destiny, and Mexico,” an article from our 2005 Summer Prologue issue.

While we may forever wonder why a monument required a such an elaborate fence, we no longer have to worry about who won our hearts and minds in last week’s caption contest. Jim Worsham was wooed by Rebecca’s spot-on use of Legos. We don’t have any Lego creations at our Archive eStore, Rebecca, but we do have plenty of other kid-friendly concoctions you can purchase at 30% off with your winnings!

Good luck to all with this week’s caption contest! Assistant Archivist for Records Services—Washington, DC,  Michael Kurtz is the guest with the gavel this week, so he’ll be picking the picture caption that commands the most laughs. Also, be sure to … [ Read all ]