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Tag: Lincoln at gettysburg

Avatar, Clash of the Titans, First Battle of Manassas?

Long before blue Nav’is were defending their home planet Pandora from Colonel Quaritch, another fight was taking place on American soil: the Civil War. Worlds apart they may be, but both conflicts were captured in 3-D.

Join us at the McGowan Theater this Thursday, June 10, at 7 p.m. as we don our (free) 3-D glasses and have a look at the Civil War stereoscopic-style.

John Richter, the historian who has possibly uncovered the only stereoscopic image of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, along with Bob Zeller, the president of the Center for Civil War Photography, will present “Lincoln in 3-D,” a whirlwind tour of the Civil War in the third-dimension, including photos of the Great Emancipator and other famous Civil War photographs.

For more on the Civil War from Pulitzer Prize–winning authors and “Discovering the Civil War” curators, pick up a hard copy or iPad–friendly version of the latest issue of Prologue.
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