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Tag: National archives and records administration recognition day

Thursday’s Photo Caption Contest

It’s time to “spill” the beans on who won last week’s contest. While we had more fun than a “barrel” of monkeys reading through your comments, settling on a winner was a “sobering” task. We loved Gabby’s “There was some confusion at the onset of the invention of the ‘kegger’ to what exactly the purpose of this activity was. Many years later, it would still receive mixed reviews from the neighbors,” and any reference to a 200-foot-tall space alien master (Bob S.) we enjoy, but ultimately it was Rebecca who took the cake (and 30% eStore discount!). Her comment is below the image at left.

As most of you guessed, this photo was from Prohibition, 1931 to be precise. The original caption reads “Los Angeles authorities emptying barrels of rum, 1931.” Two years later, in 1933, the 21st Amendment would end Prohibition, becoming the only amendment to repeal a previous one (so far).

While Prohibition may be over, our arsenal of strange is still plenty full here at the Archives. This week we’ve pulled out a particularly peculiar picture for pontification, so stretch out that funny bone and submit your comments! You never know who will be guest judging!

Here’s something to get you started:

“Originally made of ‘thirteen stripes alternating red and white,’ the Star Spangled Suit was later replaced by a flag of

[ Read all ]

Happy NARA Recognition Day, Missouri!

The Show Me State is showing its appreciation for the work of the National Archives and Records Administration.  Governor Jay Nixon has signed a proclamation declaring June 2 as “National Archives and Records Administration Recognition Day” in the great state of Missouri.

The proclamation was announced in the presence of our very own Archivist of the United States, David S. Ferriero, who was the main speaker this morning during the placing of a time capsule in the new building under construction for the National Personnel Records Center on Dunn Road in St. Louis County.

Missouri is home to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), which is getting a new makeover as construction continues on what will become the largest National Archives building outside of the Washington, DC, area.  The new facility will ring in at a staggering 474,690 square feet—over 9 football fields worth of storage space for the nation’s 81 million veterans and civil service personnel records.

Though the NPRC is currently the busiest NARA facility in the country, fielding more than 1 million requests annually, it’s certainly not the only Archive facility in Missouri deserving recognition: the National Archives at Kansas City, the Harry Truman Presidential Library, and the Federal Records Center in Lee’s Summit are also located there.… [ Read all ]