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News from the Field: “Don’t miss our Upcoming E-Forums”

Don’t miss out on our upcoming e-forums and other regional seminars this summer in Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver and Kansas City.

News from the Field: Spotlight on TSA’s RM Field Training Initiative

I learned recently while reading the 2009 RM Self-assessment that not only is RM Training is an essential ingredient to an effective agency records management program, but that it was rooted in the CFR.  The requirement is for agencies to “provide guidance and training to all agency personnel on their records management responsibilities”.  So, what […]

News from the Field: “Practicing what we preach” Compliant electronic recordkeeping in the NARA Rocky Mountain Region

This week News from the Field welcomes guest blogger, Mark Ferguson, CRM/CBCP who is the Director of the Records Management Division, Rocky Mountain Region in Denver, CO. NARA has been using a Records Management Application (RMA) product in selected offices for several years now, including the Rocky Mountain Region in Denver, Colorado.  The Regional Archives, […]

News from the Field: Spotlight “E-FORUMS”

Southwest Region packs the house; Pacific Alaska schedules an encore show; Headlines read “E-Forums declared a success”.  Regional Records Managers across NARA have been holding E-Forums around the nation for about eight years. They were started in the early 2000’s primarily in response to NARA’s effort to raise awareness about the management of electronic records. […]

News from the Field

Let the drums roll and tape ticker . . . it’s my pleasure to introduce to you a new segment on Records Express that I’m (rather uncreatively calling) “News from the Field”. My name is Matt Eidson, I’m from the Office of Regional Records Services in College Park. I’ve been invited to satisfy your weekly […]

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